The Common Council of the City of New Haven and each governmental entity within the planning jurisdiction of the New Haven Plan Commission shall be guided by and give consideration to the general policy and pattern of development set out in the Comprehensive Plan and to other land use policies adopted in this subchapter, including the:
   (A)   Authorization, acceptance, or construction of water mains, sewers, connections, facilities, or utilities;
   (B)   Authorization, construction, development, alteration, or abandonment of public ways, public places, public lands, public buildings and structures, or public utilities;
   (C)   Objectives and policies for future land use development; and
   (D)   Adoption, amendment, or repeal of zoning ordinances, (including zoning maps), subdivision control ordinances, historic preservation ordinances, and other land use ordinances.
(Ord. Z-20-18, passed 11-3-2020)