§ 32.18 BONDS.
   (A)   The Clerk-Treasurer of the city shall procure individual bonds to secure the faithful performance of the following city officials in the following amounts:
      (1)   Clerk-Treasurer: in an amount equal to $30,000 for each $1,000,000 of receipts during the last complete fiscal year before the purchase of the bond, not to exceed $300,000;
      (2)   Judge of the City Court: $15,000;
      (3)   Each Redevelopment Commissioner: $15,000;
      (4)   Court Clerk: $15,000;
      (5)   Police Pension Commissioner: $15,000; and
      (6)   Superintendent of Utilities: $10,000.
   (B)   Additionally, the city will obtain a crime insurance policy endorsed to include faithful performance and to cover the faithful performance of all other employees with liability limits of at least $5,000 per occurrence.
(Ord. G-15-11, passed 12-22-2015)