(A)    The compensation is fixed on an annual basis. It may not be changed in the year for which it is fixed, nor may it be reduced below the amount fixed for the previous year.
(Prior Code, § 32.01)
   (B)   All salaries and compensation provided for herein shall be for the calendar year 2020 and shall be paid bi-weekly or monthly and for such time or times only as said appointive officers, employees, deputies, assistants and departmental and institution heads are actually in service, except for the services performed by the City Attorney, who shall be paid such
additional compensation for extra and additional services as and when performed as may be hereafter agreed upon by the Mayor and approved by the Common Council.
(Ord. A-16-05, passed 10-11-2016; Ord. A-17-08, passed 10-24-2017; Ord. A-19-18, passed 10-22-2019)
Statutory reference:
   Establishes the requirements for the compensation of elected officials of second and third class cities, see I.C. 36-4-7-2