It shall be unlawful for the owner, driver or operator of any vehicle to park or stop the same or to permit the same to be parked or to stand at any time during the period of any snow and/or ice emergency on any of the routes or streets listed as follows:
Adams Center Road
From State Highway 930 to Seiler Road
Berwick Lane
From Green Road east to Minnich Road
From Park Avenue to Powers Street
Canal Street
From Eben Street east to the city’s Maintenance Building
Courtney Drive
From Brookwood Drive to Melbourne Drive
Eben Street
From Powers Street south to Summit Street
Hartzell Road
From Rose Avenue to Moeller Road
Keller Drive
From State Highway 930 to Lincoln Highway
Main Street
From Eben Street to Hartzell Road
Melbourne Drive
From Courtney Drive to Woodmere Drive
Moeller Road
From Minnich Road to Meyer Road
Park Avenue
From Mourey Street east to Green Road
Scarborough Drive
From Moeller Road to Stockbridge Way
Shordon Road
Sugarhill Run
From Northcove Drive to Seiler Road
Sunnymede Drive
From New Haven Avenue to Sunwood Drive
Tanglewood Drive
From Summit Street north to Rose Avenue
Werling Road
From State Highway 930 to Moeller Road
West Street
From Rose Avenue south to Main Street
Woodmere Drive
From Melbourne Drive to Moeller Road
(Prior Code, Ch. 71, Schd. VI)  (Ord. G-00-13, passed 12-12-2000)  Penalty, see § 70.999