(a)   If any person, by himself or agent, without lawful authority so to do, shall remove, destroy, injure or deface any of the guideboards, milestones or posts, parapets, street signs or directional signals, walks, culverts, bridges, masonry of any kind, gates belonging to or forming a part of a public road, within the Municipality; or who shall willfully break down or destroy any bench or log placed across a stream for the accommodation of travelers; or who shall injure any statue, monument, chair or other seat, or lamp or lamppost, constructed on or being in any way connected with a public road, space or park, or any railing or fencing erected for public use, or enclosing any such space or park, or any railing, posts or guards along a public road for the protection of travel thereon, or any walk or crossing for foot passengers; or who shall obstruct or injure any public road or ditch made for the draining thereof, or any of its sewers, curbing, gutters, drains or culverts; or who shall place or leave in a public place any ashes, cinders, earth,  stone or other material, obstructive to the travel and use of such road; or who shall place or leave in any public road any vehicle or conveyance of any kind, or any kind of implement, so as to interfere with travel thereon; or who shall divert any stream of water from its regular course or channel so as to injure or endanger a public road; or who shall connect any road with a public road in such manner as to impede the flow of water in the ditches or gutters thereof or obstruct or impede travel thereon; or who shall throw or place, or cause to be thrown or placed, on any public road, any tacks, nails, scrap metal, glass, crockery, wire or other substance injurious to the feet of persons or animals, or the tires of vehicles; or who shall remove, injure or destroy any material or equipment used or intended for use in the construction, reconstruction, repair or maintenance of any public road; or who shall kill a tree and leave it standing within fifty feet of any public road; shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall also be liable to the City, for any injury caused by such act.
   (b)   “Public road”, as used in this section, shall include any street, alley or public highway within the City.
(Ord. 1085.  Passed 1-6-86.)