(A)   General description.
      (1)   This district creates and preserves areas intended for agricultural purposes and those areas considered to be outside the path of urban development where urban services in terms of water and sanitary sewer are not available. The types of uses, area and intensity of use regulations are designed to encourage and protect agricultural uses on a permanent basis or until such time as urbanization takes place and a change in zoning district classification is appropriate. The development regulations in this district are intended to protect homes from encroachment by higher residential densities and incompatible land uses, while making provision for conduct of agricultural activities, including such requirements as accommodations for caretakers or a limited number of farm employees. Since the residential uses permitted represent a significant contribution to the character and stability of the community, it is not intended that this district provide a lower standard for housing and the environment than is expected in other districts.
      (2)   This district supersedes the former “A-1” and “A-2” Agricultural Districts. All properties formerly classified “A-1” and “A-2” on the Official Zoning Districts Map shall henceforth be classified “A” and be subject to the following district regulations.
   (B)   Permitted uses. The following shall be permitted as uses by right; provided, they meet all development regulations of this section:
      (1)   Agricultural crops and raising of farm animals, but not including the operation of commercial feed pens for cattle or hogs, or similar operations;
      (2)   Single-family dwelling;
      (3)   Mobile home or manufactured home;
      (4)   Property owners’ association green space, meeting or recreation facility;
      (5)   Park, municipal or community building, golf course, fire station, police station, water wells, lift stations or open space, owned by the city or other public entity;
      (6)   Elementary, secondary or high school, no residential facilities included;
      (7)   Church, synagogue, mosque or temple, including sanctuary, pastor’s family residence and secondary buildings, subject to a minimum gross lot area of five acres;
      (8)   Day care home;
      (9)   Home occupation; and
      (10)   Residential sales.
   (C)   Conditional uses.
      (1)   Day care center, when sponsored by and operated on the premises of a permitted church, synagogue, mosque or temple;
      (2)   Raising of horses, cattle, sheep, goats and hogs in accordance with city ordinances related to type, number and housing; plus the following regulations:
         (a)   Horses: 70,000 square feet per horse (see also division (D) below);
         (b)   Cattle: 30,000 square feet per animal;
         (c)   Sheep or goat: 20,000 square feet per animal;
         (d)   Hogs: one per acre except during breeding season; and
         (e)   All structures and buildings, excluding fences, used for the care and protection of permitted horses shall be located not closer than 20 feet to a side or rear lot line.
      (3)   Secondary buildings, subject to the following:
         (a)   Necessary agricultural structures, subject to all setback and coverage requirements of this district; and
         (b)   On agricultural properties, a second residence for farm or ranch employees is permitted.
      (4)   Accessory buildings and structures, subject to the following specific requirements and all other city regulations;
      (5)   No accessory structure shall be located in front of the main building, except fences, walls and flagpoles as permitted in this chapter;
      (6)   Veterinary clinic for large animals; minimum lot area of 20 gross acres;
      (7)   Oil or gas well; minimum lot area: five acres;
      (8)   Private landing strip for no more than two airplanes, subject to the following:
         (a)   There is no residential zoned property within 200 feet of the side edges of the strip;
         (b)   There are no residences within 1,320 feet of the ends of the strip at the time the strip is opened;
         (c)   There are no commercial services or facilities permitted; and
         (d)   See § 154.090 of this code of ordinances for permission for larger facilities for aircraft; and
      (9)   Accessory and non-accessory signs, subject to all city sign regulations.
   (D)   Uses subject to review. The following uses are permitted on review in accordance with the application and public hearing requirements set forth in § 154.090 of this chapter:
      (1)   Private club which includes a country club and golf course;
      (2)   Commercial kennel, animal hospital or veterinarian clinic;
      (3)   Bed and breakfast;
      (4)   Perimeter wall or fence that exceeds the height permitted by city regulations;
      (5)   Specified communications towers and antennas subject to the regulations in this chapter and all other governmental requirements;
      (6)   Wind energy conversion systems (see § 154.091 of this chapter);
      (7)   Additional housing for farm employees; either group living quarters or up to two detached homes, including conventional, manufactured or mobile homes, minimum land area of farm: 40 acres;
      (8)   Stand for the sale of food products raised on the premises;
      (9)   Stable for confined care of horses on tracts of ten gross acres or less; size of structure and number of horses permitted to be subject to required setbacks of this district, evaluation of lot size, other improvements to the property, and surrounding conditions, including location of neighboring residences; and
      (10)   See also §§ 154.090 through 154.103 of this chapter for additional special permit uses.
   (E)   Development regulations.
      (1)   Front yard setback:
         (a)   State highways: 40 feet from the front property line, or 90 feet from the centerline of an abutting highway, whichever is greater;
         (b)   Section line road: 40 feet from the front property line, or 80 feet from the centerline of an abutting section line road, whichever is greater; and
         (c)   Other streets: 40 feet from the front property line or 65 feet from the centerline of an abutting street, whichever is greater.
      (2)   Side yard setback:
         (a)   Main building: 25 feet from property line or 75 feet from centerline of an abutting section line street, whichever is greater;
         (b)   Main building other than a dwelling: 35 feet;
         (c)   Accessory building less than 14 feet in height: 15 feet; and
         (d)   Accessory building 14 feet or more in height: 15 feet, plus one foot for each full foot of additional building height greater than 14 feet, up to a maximum of 35 feet.
      (3)   Rear yard setback:
         (a)   Main building: 50 feet;
         (b)   Accessory building less than 14 feet in height: 25 feet; and
         (c)   Accessory building 14 feet or more in height: 25 feet, plus one foot for each full foot of additional building height greater than 14 feet.
      (4)   Minimum lot area, gross: five acres for all uses.
      (5)   Minimum lot width, exclusive of street easements or right-of-way: 150 feet at front property line; provided this frontage on a cul-de-sac may be reduced to 75 feet, and 165 feet at front building line.
      (6)   Coverage: maximum size and bulk of all permitted structures shall be based on the following criteria:
         (a) Main, secondary and accessory buildings shall cover no more than 30% of the lot area within the platted or city-required setback lines, whichever setback is greater; plus
         (b)   Accessory buildings shall cover no more than 20% of the front, side and rear yards.
      (7)   Maximum building height: 45 feet.
      (8)   Double frontage lots: where a lot has double frontage, the property owner shall designate the rear lot line for purposes of constructing a perimeter fence and accessory structures. The designated rear yard shall be subject to the development regulations of this district; provided, however, that, platted building lines shall take precedence if greater than the requirements of this district.
      (9)   Perimeter fences and walls shall be subject to all provisions of this code of ordinances.
      (10)   Landscaping: at least 5% of the land area of permitted non-residential or agricultural uses shall be devoted to landscaping in accordance with the standards set forth in this chapter.
(2002 Code, § 154.025)  (Ord. 486, passed 5-12-2003)