(A)   Applicants must apply for permits required by this chapter with the animal shelter. 
   (B)   In addition to information indicating whether the applicant or anyone residing with the applicant has been convicted of cruelty to animals, the application must contain a statement that the applicant complies and will comply with the regulations promulgated under authority of § 90.04(B), and that he authorizes the Humane Society to inspect his facilities and animals.
   (C)   The permit shall be issued when the applicant complies with the laws and regulations pertaining to the issuance of permits, and pays the fee required. 
   (D)   If the applicant withholds or falsifies any information on the application, the permit shall not be issued; and any permit issued upon false or withheld information shall be null and void. 
   (E)   No permit to operate a commercial animal establishment shall be issued to an applicant who has been convicted of cruelty to animals, or who has anyone living with him who has been convicted of cruelty to animals.
(Ord. 2452, passed 5-l7-82; Am. Ord. 2707, passed 4-4-88; Am. Ord. 3503, passed 3-5-07; Am. Ord. 3766, passed 4-3-17)