Every owner of an animal within the city shall see that his animal:
   (A)   Is kept in a clean, sanitary, and healthy manner, and is not confined so as to be forced to stand, sit, or lie in its own excrement.
      (1)   Every person maintaining an animal pen or animal run shall keep the run or pen clean and sanitary and free from all refuse.
      (2)   Such pen or run shall be thoroughly swept at least once every 48 hours, and it shall be unlawful to permit any decaying food, any animal waste or any refuse of any kind, to remain in such run or pen. 
      (3)   Refuse or waste from such pen or run shall, when swept up or collected, be kept in airtight containers until disposed of in accordance with this chapter and any other applicable sections of this code, and it shall be unlawful to permit any such refuse to remain uncovered.
   (B)   Has food that is appropriate for the species in adequate amounts to maintain good health, fresh potable drinking water, shelter consisting of four sides and a top, shade from the sun and ventilation, including quarters that are protected from excessive heat and cold and are of sufficient size to permit the animal to exercise and move about freely. Shall not be tethered by use of any collar too small for the size and age of the animal, nor by any rope, chain or cord directly attached to the animals neck, nor by a leash without swivels on both ends or by chain of such unreasonable weight as to prevent the animal from moving about freely.
   (C)   Has reasonable necessary medical care, in addition to the required rabies vaccination, which shall include recommended vaccinations as required by accepted veterinary standards, and if diseased or injured, or exhibiting symptoms of disease, receives proper care and is segregated from other animals so as to prevent transmittal of the disease.
   (D)   Shall not beat, torment, starve, inflict physical pain, suffering of death or otherwise abuse an animal.
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