(A)   The town reserves the right to amend any wastewater discharge permit issued hereunder in order to ensure compliance by the town with applicable laws and regulations. Within 9 months of the promulgation of a National Categorical Pretreatment Standard, the wastewater discharge permit of each discharger subject to the standards shall be revised to require compliance with the standards within the time frame prescribed by the standards. All National Categorical Pretreatment Standards adopted after the promulgation of this subchapter shall be a part of this subchapter.
   (B)   Any discharger required to obtain a discharge permit under the newly promulgated standards shall apply for same immediately upon notification by the town.
   (C)   Any current permittee whose wastewater discharge permit is affected by newly promulgated National Categorical Pretreatment Standards shall, upon notification by the town, submit all documentation, information, and proposed changes necessary to bring the discharger into compliance with the new standards. Upon receipt of the information, the Town Council shall establish a compliance schedule whereby the permittee shall attain compliance with the applicable standards. The permittee shall be advised of any proposed changes in his or her permit at least 30 days prior to the effective date of change. Any changes in new conditions in the permit shall include a reasonable time schedule for compliance, not to exceed the duration specified in the applicable National Categorical Pretreatment Standards.
(1992 Code, § 9-106) (Ord. 755, § 1(f), passed 1-23-1990)