(A)   It shall be unlawful to discharge sewage, nondomestic wastes, or other wastes to any sewer outlet within the jurisdiction of the town without having been issued a wastewater discharge permit, if the discharger:
      (1)   Is subject to National Categorical Pretreatment Standards as promulgated by the EPA;
      (2)   Discharges nondomestic wastewater in the amount equal to or exceeding 25,000 gallons per day;
      (3)   Contributes a nondomestic waste stream exceeding 5% of the dry weather hydraulic or organic capacity of the wastewater collection system; or
      (4)   Has a reasonable potential to adversely affect treatment plant processes by inhibition, pass-through of pollutants, sludge contamination, or endangerment of treatment plant personnel.
   (B)   Prospective nondomestic users of any sewer shall obtain a wastewater discharge permit prior to connecting to or discharging into the wastewater system and shall apply for the permit at least 90 days prior to anticipated connection.
(1992 Code, § 9-103) (Ord. 755, § 1(c), passed 1-23-1990) Penalty, see § 54.99