(a)   Purpose. To protect the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the Village by insuring, through legislation, that the solid waste management facilities operating within the Village are operated with the minimum amount of odor, noise, litter, dust and vector problems. In addition, this section is designed to protect the value of surrounding property in the Village by insuring that solid waste management facilities are operated so as to have minimal impact on the environment and without creating nuisance conditions. In order to meet these specified goals, the requirement subsections contained herein delineate minimum levels of performance required of any solid waste management facility.
   (b)   Requirements.
      (1)   Requirement 1: Solid waste accepted.
         A.   Only solid wastes shall be accepted. Only solid wastes for which the facility has been specifically designed and performance tested shall be accepted.
         B.   Satisfactory compliance, operation.
            1.   The unloading of wastes shall be supervised to exclude unacceptable wastes.
            2.   Employees shall be trained to identify and remove unacceptable wastes.
            3.   An operational contingency plan shall be developed to provide for proper disposal of unacceptable waste.
      (2)   Requirement 2: Water quality.
         A.   All waters discharged from the facility shall be sufficiently treated to meet applicable water quality standards and pretreatment standards, including those established under authority of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as amended, and under regional sewer discharge regulations.
         B.   Satisfactory compliance, operation.
            1.   Waters discharged from the facility shall be appropriately monitored and treated to meet the applicable water quality standards or pretreatment standards.
      (3)   Requirement 3: Air quality.
         A.   Emissions shall comply with the Village Zoning Ordinance prohibition against facilities that emit dust and odors.
         B.   Satisfactory compliance, design. All vents and stacks shall be fitted with the best available technology to remove dust and odors from the air emissions.
         C.   Satisfactory compliance, operation.
            1.   The operation of the facility shall not result in odors and dust being detected off site in any area of human occupancy.
            2.   Emissions from the facility or its surrounding property shall be appropriately monitored and necessary adjustment made to eliminate all off-premises detection of odors, fumes and dust.
      (4)   Requirement 4: Vectors.
         A.   Conditions shall be maintained that are unfavorable for the harboring, feeding, and breeding of vectors.
         B.   Satisfactory compliance, operation.
            1.   Solid waste transfer or processing facilities.
               a.   A housekeeping schedule shall be established and maintained. As a minimum, the schedule shall provide for cleaning the unloading and loading areas as spillages occur, complete cleaning at least once every twenty-four hours and completely emptying and cleaning every storage area of all solid waste and/or recyclables every day.
               b.   No solid waste or recyclable material shall remain on site for more than twenty-four hours.
            2.   Solid waste management facilities.
               a.   A vector control contractor shall be retained at all times and shall design and implement a vector control program to prevent and rectify vector problems.
               b.   The facility shall have a written emergency operational plan to provide for an alternative waste handling system during periods when the facility is inoperative. This plan shall delineate operational procedures which shall be implemented in case of equipment breakdown and must include the use of standby equipment or diversion of solid waste to other facilities.
               c.   Immediate action is to be taken to eliminate vector problems from a facility that is creating a nuisance.
      (5)   Requirement 5: Aesthetics.
         A.   The facility shall be designed and operated at all times in an aesthetically acceptable manner.
         B.   Satisfactory compliance, design. The facility shall be designed to screen the facility from public view.
         C.   Satisfactory compliance, operation.
            1.   Solid waste management facilities.
               a.   A routine housekeeping and litter removal schedule shall be established and implemented so that the facility regularly presents a neat and clean appearance. The litter shall be picked up at least daily throughout the entire property.
               b.   Immediate action is to be taken to eliminate odors, litter, dust, or excess noise from a facility that is creating a nuisance.
               c.   Solid waste shall not be accepted at the facility if the available storage capacity is full or the facility is expected to be out of operation for more than twelve hours.
               d.   No solid waste or transfer trucks shall be parked at the facility overnight.
               e.   An operational plan shall be designed and implemented to immediately remove inoperable solid waste or transfer trucks from the facility.
               f.   The facility exterior grounds shall be landscaped in a manner which enhances the visual appearance of the property.
               g.   An operational plan shall be designed and implemented to provide for immediate clean up or removal of spills or leaks from trucks traveling to or from the facility whether such leak or spill occurs on the facility property or anywhere within the boundaries of the Village.
            2.   Solid waste transfer or processing facilities.
               a.   No solid waste or recyclables shall be stored or allowed to stand or accumulate outside the facility.
               b.   An operational plan shall be designed and implemented to immediately remove inoperable solid waste or transfer trucks from the facility.
               c.   Vehicles or containers used for the collection and transportation of solid wastes and recyclables shall be loaded and moved in such manner that the contents will not fall, leak or spill therefrom.
      (6)   Requirement 6: Health and Safety.
         A.   Solid waste management facilities, and the coming and outgoing trucks, shall be operated and maintained in a manner to protect the health and safety of personnel and citizens of the surrounding neighborhoods.
         B.   Satisfactory compliance, design.
            1.   The roads leading into, around and out of the facility shall be capable of withstanding anticipated load limits.
            2.   Every driveway apron leading onto adjoining streets or roads shall be modified so that it is wide enough for the solid waste or transfer trucks to enter and exit without blocking traffic.
         C.   Satisfactory compliance, operations.
            1.   A speed limit of 15 miles per hour shall be posted and enforced on the facility property and on the entrance and exit routes.
            2.   The facility shall be closed to all truck traffic between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. and on Sundays and national or state holidays.
               (Ord. 1989-21. Passed 10-3-89.)