509.08 CURFEW.
   (a)   No person under the age of eighteen years shall be upon any public way or ground within the Village during the period from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. of the following day.
   (b)   Subsection (a) hereof shall not apply to any person specified in such subsection under any of the following conditions:
      (1)   When such person is accompanied by such person's parent, guardian or member of such person's family who is eighteen years of age or older;
      (2)   When such person is upon an errand or other legitimate business under the immediate direction of a parent of such person; or
      (3)   When such person is engaged in a gainful lawful employment during the established curfew hours and is pursuing such employment at such time.
   (c)   No parent or legal guardian of any person specified in subsection (a) hereof shall purposely or knowingly permit such person to violate any of the provisions of this section.
   (d)   Whoever violates any of the provisions of this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor. Punishment shall be as provided in Section 501.99. Minors violating any of the provisions of this section shall be dealt with in accordance with Juvenile Court law and procedure.
(Ord. 1984-23. Passed 8-21-84.)