(A)   All facilities who submit a Tier II report affected by this chapter are required to install and maintain a Knox Box at a location readily available to emergency personnel in case of a hazardous substances incident. The only facilities exempted from the Knox Box requirement are fuel and fuel oil retail distributors, or persons who are not subject to Tier II reporting but possess a UST permit. Exceptions to the Knox Box requirement may be obtained in writing from the Newberry County Hazardous Materials Station with approval by the local Fire Chief and in accordance with the guidelines established by the LEPC.
   (B)   Knox Boxes shall be installed and operational within 24 months following the receipt of the first Tier II report by Newberry County Hazardous Materials Station. The Newberry County Hazardous Materials Station, in conjunction with the Newberry County Emergency Preparedness Department, will be responsible for verifying the information contained in the Knox Box with the facility owner.
   (C)   The Knox Box will be required to contain the following items: a facility map, emergency contacts, material safety data sheet (MSDS) information or its location, emergency response plan, and the location of emergency equipment. The facility owner shall keep these items current.
(Ord. 09-22-02, passed 9-18-2002; Am. Ord. 01-13-03, passed 1-29-2003) Penalty, see § 92.99