(A)   Noises from construction activities between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. shall be exempt from the provisions of §§ 90.01 et seq. Construction activity means any site preparation, assembly, erection, repair, alteration, or similar activity and any associated equipment testing.
   (B)   Sections 90.01 et seq. shall not apply to emergency signal devices during any valid emergency or valid period of testing, to material handling by sanitation crews, licensed game hunting on property where it is allowed, refuse compacting vehicles, airport and airplane noises, and sounds emanating from governmental activities.
   (C)   Sections 90.01 et seq. shall not apply to the conduct of agricultural and farming activities (including those related to farm animals), tree harvesting or land clearing, lawn and yard maintenance activities, parades, carnivals, and public social events, or sales conducted by licensed auctioneers.
   (D)   Sections 90.01 et seq. shall not apply to any lawfully established lumber or pulpwood processing facility, or to any manufacturing business or industry, or to recycling activities.
(Ord. 02-09-05, passed 2-16-2005)