(A)   Whenever any ordinance of the city designates and describes a through street, it shall be the duty of the Traffic Commission to place and maintain a stop sign on each and every street intersecting the through street or that portion thereof described and designated as such by any ordinance of the city.
   (B)   The Traffic Commission is hereby authorized to determine and designate intersections where particular hazards exist upon other than through streets and to determine whether vehicles shall stop at one or more entrances to any such stop intersection, shall erect a stop sign at every such place where a stop is required, or in the event the Traffic Commission determines that reduced speed rather than a stop is adequate for safe operation of any such intersection, it shall erect signs upon the approach to the intersection, giving notice of the speed.
   (C)   Every stop sign shall bear the word "stop" in letters of not less than six inches in height, shall be provided with reflector button or, if not, then shall be self-illuminated at night. Every stop sign shall be located as near as practicable at the proper line of the street at the entrance to which the stop must be made, or at the nearest line of the crosswalk thereat or, if not, at a limit line to be indicated by the Traffic Commission.
   (D)   Whenever, by any ordinance of the city, a one-way street is described or any time-limit parking is imposed, it shall be the duty of the Traffic Commission to erect appropriate signs giving notice thereof.
(Ord. 4139, passed 11-27-1939)