(A)   All animal enclosures shall be structurally sound and maintained in good repair to protect the animals from injury, to shield them from the sun and adverse weather conditions, to contain them and to keep predators out.
   (B)   All enclosures shall be constructed and maintained so as to enable the animals to remain dry and clean.
   (C)   All enclosures shall be constructed and maintained so as to provide sufficient space to allow each animal to turn about freely and to easily stand, sit and lie in a comfortable, normal position.
   (D)   The floors of an enclosure shall be constructed so as to protect the animal’s feet and legs from injury.
   (E)   Each enclosure shall be provided with a solid resting surface which, in the aggregate, shall be of an adequate size to comfortably hold all occupants of the enclosure at the same time.
   (F)   If a house with a chain or another device is used as an enclosure for an animal kept outdoors, the chain or other device used shall be placed or attached so that the animal cannot become entangled with the chains or devices of other animals or with objects. The chain or other device shall be the type commonly used for the size of animal involved and shall be attached to the animal by means of a well fitted collar or other appropriate means. The chain or other device shall be at least three times the length of the animal as measured from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail and shall allow the animal convenient access to the animal house. The chain or device shall not be of such length as to allow the animal off the premises or to access the public right-of-way.
(Ord. passed 3-11-2021)