(A)   The designated Animal Control Officer(s) shall be employed by the City Police Department, and is deputized to enforce this chapter and the laws and regulations of the state pertaining to animals, and to make complaint(s) to the District Court or other appropriate court in regard to any violations.
   (B)   The Animal Control Officer(s) are authorized and empowered to enter upon any property, but not in a dwelling without a warrant, where animals are for purpose of an investigation or making inquiries about any animals on the property if there is probable cause to believe that this chapter is being violated.
   (C)   The Animal Control Officer shall investigate incidents involving any animal reported or seen running at large, reported animal bites, alleged dangerous animals, complaint of cruelty to animals, or other alleged violations of this chapter or statutes of the state.
   (D)   Based on the officer’s investigation, the involved animal(s) may be seized, transported and impounded at the impound facility in accordance with the provisions of this chapter or the statutes of the state, and/or a citation(s) may be issued to any person in violation of this chapter or statutes of the state.
(Ord. passed 3-11-2021)