The following applies to an I-1 Enclosed Industrial District:
   (a)   Permissible Uses. The permissible uses shall be in accordance with Chapter 1145.
   (b)   General Provisions. Screening of storage, parking, and loading areas is required, moreover, operations of facilities are required to be conducted entirely within an enclosed building or structure.
   (c)   Minimum Lot Size. The minimum permissible lot size shall be in accordance with Chapter 1147.
   (d)   Minimum Setback Lines. The minimum permissible setback lines shall be in accordance with Chapter 1147 and this section.
   (e)   Maximum Height of Buildings. The maximum building height for all buildings shall be 60 feet.
   (f)   Maximum Lot Coverage. Lot coverage shall not exceed 60% of the lot area.
   (g)   Off-Street Parking Space (see Chapter 1139). In an I-1 Enclosed Industrial District in addition to the requirements of Chapter 1139, off-street parking facilities screened by dense planting or by a decorative fence may be constructed within the front yard but not closer than 20 feet to the front lot line.
   (h)   Signs. (see Chapter 1335).
   (i)   Any other requirements applicable to a I-1 Zoning District as found in Chapter 1147 shall apply.
(Ord. 074-10. Passed 12-20-10.)