Tables of Requirements for Zoning Districts
Table 1     Residential Use Requirements for Residential Districts.
Table 2     Residential Use Requirements in Non-residential Districts
Table 3     Overview of Commercial Use Requirements in Commercial Districts
Table 4     Overview of Industrial Requirements
1147.99   Penalties.
   Building setback lines shall be required along all public streets. Any yard abutting a street shall be deemed a front yard for the purpose of determining front building setback lines.
   In residential districts as it relates to residential uses, where 25% or more of the lots in the block frontage are occupied by buildings, the average setback of such buildings determines the dimension of the front yard in the block frontage, but the front yard need not exceed 50 feet in any case.
   Building setback lines established in a recorded subdivision shall establish the dimension of front yards in such subdivisions.
   In case of conflict with the front setback requirements of this zoning district, conditional uses, or other applicable provisions of this Planning and Zoning Code, the most restrictive requirement shall govern.
   On through or corner lots, front yards shall be provided from each street with the same setback requirements.