The following applies to a C-4 Planned Commercial District:
   (a)   Permissible Uses. The permissible uses shall be in accordance with Chapter 1145.
   (b)   General Provisions.
      (1)   The conduct of permitted uses herein shall be within completely enclosed buildings.
      (2)   Property used for permitted commercial uses abutting property in any residential district shall be provided with a green belt or planting area at least 15 feet in width along the property lines which abut the residentially zoned property. A planting screen consisting of suitable shrubbery shall be provided and maintained within such planting area to provide a tight screen effective at all times of the year. The planting shall be of such size and density in side and rear yards so that it will reach a height of not less than five feet, and provide the required tight-screening effect not later than one year after planting. The maximum planting height at the front street frontage shall be three feet.
      (3)   Commercial uses comprising of more than one building on a premises, or more than three permitted uses within one building, will not be permitted, except by conditional use as provided in City Code Section 1141.01 to 1141.03.
      (4)   Entrances and exits serving permitted uses shall be so located to minimize any adverse effect on adjacent property or the public street. Not more than two driveways with an aggregate maximum width of 30 feet at the property line shall be permitted unless the area served has been approved through the conditional use processes.
      (5)   Outside storage, including continued storage of automobiles, trucks, or trailers, is not permitted, except by conditional use.
      (6)   Property used for permitted commercial uses shall be provided with a green belt or planting area at least ten feet in width on side and rear property lines. A similar area not less than 15 feet wide shall be provided at front property lines. Shrubs or decorative planting at the front property line shall not exceed three feet in height.
      (7)   Off-street parking spaces and accessory uses such as filling station pumps and islands, signs and light standards, and access drives may be located in the required front yard, but not within 20 feet of the front lot line. Said strip of land shall be maintained as a lawn area with occasional tree and shrub plantings.
   (c)   Minimum Lot Size. The minimum lot size shall be in accordance with Chapter 1147.
   (d)   Minimum Setback Lines. The minimum setback lines shall be in accordance with Chapter 1147 and this section. Nonconforming rebuild(s) shall have setbacks as determined by the Planning Commission.
   (e)   Maximum Height of Buildings. The maximum permissible height of buildings shall be in accordance with Chapter 1147.
   (f)   Maximum Lot Coverage. The maximum lot coverage shall be in accordance with Chapter 1147.
   (g)   Off-Street Parking Space (see Chapter 1139). In addition to the requirements of Chapter 1139 inclusive in a C-4 Planned Business District, off-street parking facilities screened by dense planting or by a decorative fence may be constructed within the front yard but not closer than 20 feet to the front lot line.
   (h)   Signs (see Chapter 1335).
      (Ord. 074-10. Passed 12-20-10.)