16.84.060 Initial Enforcement Action.
This chapter describes the procedures for initiating enforcement action in cases where the director has deter-mined that property within the city is being used. maintained, or allowed to exist in violation of the provisions of this development code. It is the objective of these provisions to encourage the voluntary cooperation of responsible parties in the prompt correction of violations. so that other enforcement measures. provided by this chapter, may be avoided.
   A.   Notice to Responsible Parties. The city's code enforcement officer shall provide the record owner of the subject parcel and any person in possession or control of the parcel with a written notice of violation, which shall include the following information:
      1.   Time Limit. A time limit for correcting the violation, in compliance with subsection B, below;
      2.   Administrative Costs. A statement that the city intends to charge the property owner for all administrative costs associated with the abatement'of the violation(s). in compliance with Section 16.84.080 (Recovery of Costs), below and/or initiate legal action as described in Section 16.84.070 (Legal Remedies), below; and
      3.   Meet With the Director to Remedy. A statement that the property owner may request and be provided a meeting with the director to discuss possible methods and time limits for the correction of the violation(s).
   B.   Time Limit for Correction. The notice of violation shall state that the violation shall be corrected within ten days from the date of the notice to avoid further enforcement action by the city, unless the responsible party contacts the director within that time to arrange for a longer period for correction. The director may approve a time extension where it is determined that the responsible party will likely correct the violation within a reasonable time.
If the director determines that the violation constitutes a hazard to public convenience, health, safety, orgeneral welfare, or if deemed appropriate, the director may require immediate corrective action.
   C.   Use of Other Enforcement Procedures. The enforcement procedures of Section 16.84.070 (Legal Remedies), below may be employed by the director after or instead of the provisions of this section where the di-rector determines that this section would be ineffective in securing the correction of the violation within a reasonable time.
(Ord. 182 § 2 (part), 1997)