16.68.040 Submittal and Review Requirements.
   A.   Application Contents. Applications for surface mining permits shall contain the following:
      1.   Complete Application. Completed planning application form and required fee and attachments (see also Section 16.48.030); and
      2.   Mining and Reclamation Plans. Mining and reclamation plans prepared in compliance with state law (Public Resources Code. Section 2710 et seq.).
   B.   State Geologist. Upon receipt of a completed application, the director shall notify the state geologist of the filing of request for a surface mining permit. In addition, the director shall include the state geologist in the public hearing notification list;
   C.   Conditional Use Permit Compliance. Review and decision of a surface mining permit application shall be conducted in compliance with Chapter 16.52 (Conditional Use Permits): and
   D.   Action of Commission. Following a review of the application and public hearing in compliance with Chap-ter 16.76. the commission shall take action upon the application indicating their decision and containing any conditions of approval and the findings of fact upon which the decision is based.
(Ord. 182 § 2 (part), 1997)