16.68.030 Applicability.
This chapter shall not apply to the following activities:
   A.   Farming or On-Site Construction. Excavation or grading conducted for farming or on-site construction, or for the purpose of restoring land following a flood or natural disaster;
   B.   Prospecting. Prospecting for, or the extraction of, minerals for commercial purposes and the removal of overburden in total amounts of less than one thousand (1,000) cubic yards in any one location. This exemption shall not apply to any single excavation that is greater than one acre in size;
   C.   Required by Federal Law. Surface mining operations that are required by Federal law, in order to protect a mining claim, if the operations are conducted solely for that purpose; and
   D.   Others. Other surface mining operations that the state Mining and Geology Board finds are exempt from state law (Public Resources Code, Section 2710 et seq.), because they are of an infrequent nature and involve only minor surface disturbances.
(Ord. 182 § 2 (part), 1997)