16.58.070 Council Action on Amendments.
   A.   Council's Action. Upon receipt of the commission's recommendation, the council shall approve, approve in modified form, or disapprove the proposed amendment based on the findings contained in Section 16.58.080 (Findings), below.
If the council proposes to adopt a substantial modification to the amendment not previously considered by the commission during its hearings, the proposed modification may be first referred back to the commission for its recommendation, in compliance with state law (Government Code Sections 65356 [General Plan Amendments] and 65857 [Zoning Map/Code Amendments]).
   B.   Adoption.
      1.   General Plan. Amendments to the general plan shall be adopted by resolution; and
      2.   Zoning Map and Development Code. Amendments to the zoning map or this development code shall be adopted by ordinance.
   C.   General Plan Consistency. The council may amend all or part of the general plan, or any element thereof. All zoning districts, any specific plan, and other plans of the city that are applicable to the same areas or matters affected by the general plan amendment, and which by state law shall be consistent with the general plan, shall be reviewed and amended concurrently as necessary to ensure consistency between the general plan and implementing zoning, specific plans, and other city adopted plans.
(Ord. 293 § I (part), 2004; Ord. 182 § 2 (part), 1997)