16.46.040 Planning Commission.
A.   Creation. The planning commission is created and exists pursuant to the provisions at Title 2, Chapter 44.
B.   Duties and Authority. The planning commission shall perform the duties and functions prescribed in this development code, in compliance with Table 4-1 (Approval Authority and Public Hearing Requirements) and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) including the following:
   1.   The review of and determination on applications for development projects filed with the department, in compliance with Table 4-1; and
   2.   The recommendation, to the council for final determinations, on agricultural preserves and land conservation contracts, annexations, development agreements, general plan amendments, zoning map amendments, development code amendments, master development plans, specific plans and amendments, associated environmental documents, and other applicable policy or ordinance matters related to the city's planning process; and
   3.   Take all actions designated in the ordinances of the county, which have been adopted by the city, for the planning commission and any similar designation; and
   4.   Act on any project subject to discretionary decisions to be made by the planning officer or other officers or offices in ordinances relating to land use or land division in which the deciding officer or office determines:
      a.   There has been substantial objection to a proposed project from members of the public; or
      b.   Where the planning officer or other deciding officer or office cannot make a determination that the proposal will likely be consistent with and not detrimental to the proposed general plan, land use policy, or any applicable existing general plan or land uses in the surrounding area.
C.   Appeal. All actions of the planning commission are subject to appeal to the city council in the manner set forth in Chapter 16.78 of this code.
D.   Report of commission actions to city council. All actions taken by the planning commission shall be reported to the city council as follows:
   1.   All actions taken by the planning commission shall be reported by the planning officer to the city clerk, and shall be placed on the next agenda of the city council after receipt of the report by the city clerk; and
   2.   When an action taken by the planning commission is placed on the city council agenda, the city council may elect to consider the matter and/or schedule the matter for a hearing or public hearing before the city council; and
   3.   An action of the planning commission shall be considered final after the city council has heard and decided the matter or elected not to hear and not to further consider the matter and upon the expiration of all rights to appeal the planning commission action pursuant to Chapter 16.78 or other applicable provision of this code.
(Ord. 422 § 5, 2009; Ord. 182 § 2 (part), 1997)