16.02.010 Requirements for Development and New Land Uses.
No use of land or structures shall be established, constructed, reconstructed, altered, expanded, allowed or replaced unless the use of land or structures complies with the following requirements.
   A.   Allowable Use. The land use shall be identified by 16.08 (Residential Districts), 16.10 (Commercial Districts), 16.11 (Office Districts), 16.12 (Business Park and Industrial Districts), 16.13 (Innovation District), 16.14 (Special Purpose Districts), or 16.16 (Combining and Overlay Districts) as being allowable in the zoning district applied to the site.
   B.   Permit Requirements. Land use permits required by this development code shall be obtained before the proposed use is constructed, otherwise established or put into operation, unless the proposed use is listed in 16.02.020 (Exemptions from Land Use Permit Requirements).
   C.   Development Standards. Uses and/or structures shall comply with the applicable development standards of this development code, including Article II (Zoning Districts and Allowable Land Uses), and the provisions of Article III (Site Planning and General Development Standards), and other city standards and policies related to the use and development of land.
   D.   Exceptions to Development Standards. The development standards contained herein may be waived or modified as part of the development plan or conditional use permit process if it is determined that the standard is inappropriate for the proposed use, and that the waiver or modification of the standard will not be contrary to the public health, safety, and general welfare.
   E.   Conditions of Approval. Uses and/or structures shall comply with all conditions imposed by a previously granted land use permit.
   F.   Development Agreements. Uses and/or structures shall comply with an applicable development agreement approved by the city in compliance with 16.54 (Development Agreements) or by Riverside County prior to city incorporation, even if in conflict with this development code.
   G.   Other Development Policies. The city may adopt policies separate from this development code that may effect the use and development of land. All applicable policies, standards, and procedures related to land development shall apply when appropriate as determined by the review authority.
(Ord. 559-20 § 3, 2020; Ord. 492 Exhibit 2, 2014; Ord. 182 § 2 (part), 1997)