16.01.030  Authority, Relationship to General Plan.
   A.   This development code is enacted based on the authority vested in the city by the state of California, including but not limited to the state Constitution; 65800 and subsequent sections of the California Government Code; the California Environmental Quality Act, Subdivision Map Act, and the Health and Safety Code.
   B.   This development code is the primary tool used by the city to implement the goals, objectives, policies, and programs of the Murrieta general plan. The city council intends that this development code be consistent with the Murrieta general plan, and that any land use, subdivision or development approved in compliance with this development code will also be consistent with the Murrieta general plan. A proposed use is considered to be consistent with the general plan when the following conditions exist:
      1.   The proposed use is compatible with the description of the land use element designation in which the use is located, as shown by the land use element map, and as described in the text of the general plan;
      2.   The proposed use is in conformance with the goals, objectives, policies, plans, programs, maps, and guidelines and the intent of the Murrieta general plan; and
      3.   The proposed use is to be established and maintained in a manner which is consistent with all elements of the general plan and all applicable provisions contained therein. 
(Ord. 182 § 2 (part), 1997)