5.22.070     Application contents.
   Any applicant for a license under this chapter shall submit the following information under penalty of perjury:
   A.   The full name and present residence and business address and telephone numbers of the applicant;
   B.   Any and all maiden, fictitious or other names ever used by the applicant;
   C.   Prior residence and business addresses used by the applicant during the ten-year period preceding the date of the application;
   D.   The birthdate and place of birth of the applicant;
   E.   The Social Security number and a California driver's license or California identification card number or other satisfactory government issued identification number of the applicant;
   F.   The applicant's height, weight, hair and eye color, and all distinguishing marks, scars or tattoos;
   G.   Business, occupation or employment history of the applicant for a period of ten years preceding the date of application;
   H.   The name or names under which the applicant proposes to conduct said activity or practice and the business address of the premises where such practice is to be carried on and if it is to be in connection with a similar or other kind of business;
   I.   The name or names, both true and fictitious, and addresses of any and all persons, associations, partnerships or corporations holding an interest or involvement in said activity;
   J.   A statement of any and all criminal convictions, except minor traffic offenses not designated as a felony, including the nature thereof where they occurred and the sentence therefor;
   K.   A list of fortunetelling or similar licenses currently or previously held by the applicant and whether any such license had been revoked or suspended and the reason therefor;
   L.   Such other identification and information as is necessary to discover the validity of the matters hereinabove specified as required to be set forth in the application.
(Ord. 339 § 8, 2005)