5.22.030  Exemptions.
   This chapter shall not apply to:
   A.   Any person solely by reason of the fact that he or she is engaged in the business of entertaining the public by demonstrations or mind reading, mental telepathy, thought conveyance, or the giving of horoscopic readings, at public places and in the presence of and within the hearing of other persons and at which no questions are answered, as part of such entertainment, except in a manner to permit all persons present at such public place to hear such answers, when not conducted in connection with the business of fortunetelling.
   B.   Any person who conducts or participates in any religious ceremony or service when such person holds a certificate of ordination as a minister, missionary, medium, healer or clairvoyant from any bona fide church or religious association maintaining a church and holding regular services, and having a creed or set of religious principles that is recognized by all churches of like faith; provided, further, that the fees, gratuities, emoluments and profits thereof shall be regularly accounted for and paid solely to or for the benefit of said church or religious association.
   C.   Nothing in this section shall be construed as exempting any person from the payment of any applicable business license fee which may be required to be paid by the licensing provisions of this code.
(Ord. 339 § 4, 2005)