5.20.020  Definitions.
   Whenever used in this chapter, unless a different meaning clearly appears from context:
   “Charitable solicitation” includes solicitation for philanthropic social services or welfare.
   “Contribution” includes alms, food, clothing, money, property, subscription, pledge, and donations under the guise of loans of money or property.
   “Established place of business is a fixed place, location or building, owned or leased or rented on a yearly or monthly basis, by the person who uses such place, location or building as his or her permanent place of business.
   “Goods” means goods, wares, merchandise, products, chattels or any description, magazines, periodicals, or other publications or subscriptions therefore; regularly published newspapers as defined herein excepted.
   “House” means any structure, building or dwelling which has walls on all sides and is covered by a roof. House includes the land area surrounding it.
   “Identification card” means the solicitor’s identification card issued to a person who possesses a valid solicitor’s license or who is employed or engaged to solicit by a person licensed to do business as a solicitor with the City of Murrieta.
   “License” means that solicitor license which is issued to a person who is doing business as a solicitor in the City of Murrieta.
   “Newspaper” means a publication appearing at regular intervals at short periods of time, as daily, weekly, biweekly, usually in sheet form and containing news that is reports of recent occurrences, political, social, moral, sporting events and items of varied character, both local and foreign, intended for the information of the general reader and has reference to the natural, plain and ordinary significance of the word newspaper and does not refer to or comprehend magazines or periodicals. Newspaper does not include regular or periodic advertising circulars, certificates, papers, coupons, books, or pamphlets.
   “Person” means any individual, firm, co-partnership, corporation, company, association, or joint stock organization, church, religious sect, religious denomination, society, organization or league, and includes any trustee, receiver, assignee, agent, employee or other similar representative thereof.
   “Public place” means any place to which anyone may have access without trespassing.
   “Religious solicitation” as used in this chapter shall not mean and include the word “charitable” as defined in this chapter, but shall be given its commonly accepted definition.
   “Residence” means any house, apartment, condominium unit, flat, or dwelling intended for residential use.
   “Services” means any act performed for the benefit of another under some arrangement or agreement whereby such act was to have been performed.
   “Solicit” and “solicitation” means any request directly or indirectly, verbally or in writing, for money, credit, property, financial assistance or other thing of value on the person's own behalf or on behalf of
another. Solicitation shall also include such requests made by use of the press, radio, television, telephone, or telegraph where such solicitation is not otherwise specifically regulated by state or federal law. Solicitation as defined in this chapter shall be deemed to have taken place when the request is made, whether or not the person making the same receives any contribution.
   “Solicitor” for the purpose of this chapter, the term “solicitor” shall also include “peddler,” “canvasser,” “hawker,” “huckster,” “transient dealer,” “salesperson” or “itinerant vendor” and shall mean all persons, both principal or agent, who go from house to house, or to only one house, or upon any street, sidewalk, alley, plaza, or in any park or public place in the City of Murrieta, by foot or vehicle, who sell or solicit either by sample or otherwise the sale for value of goods, wares, merchandise, services, magazines, periodicals, or other publications, or subscriptions for the same, for themselves or for firms which do or do not have an established place of business in the City of Murrieta or who offer to sell or distribute for value to any person any coupon, certificate, ticket or card which is redeemable in goods, wares, merchandise or services. 
(Ord. 302 § 1 (part), 2004; Ord. 108 § 3 (part), 1993: Ord. 3 § 1 (part), 1991: prior code § 5.06.020)