2.04.050 Compensation and reimbursement.
   A.   The city council members' stipend shall be limited to 15% of the median family income of the people of Murrieta. City council members will be limited from receiving any other personal benefits including, but not limited to, club memberships, medical and life insurance, and pensions.
   B.   The compensation prescribed in this chapter is and shall be exclusive of any amounts payable to each city council member as reimbursement for actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties for the city, as provided by Section 36514.5 of the Government Code. Such reimbursement shall be as established by a policy resolution adopted by the city council.
(Ord. 562-20 § 1, 2020; Ord. 457 § 1, 2011: Ord. 341 § 1, 2005: Ord. 260 § 1, 2002: Ord. 223 § 1, 2000: Ord. 3 § 1 (part), 1991: prior code § 2.04.050)