1.08.100  Declaration of facts constituting urgency.
   This chapter is an urgency ordinance and is for the immediate preservation of public peace, health and safety. The facts constituting urgency are these: pursuant to Section 57376 Government Code, county ordinances adopted pursuant to the section shall remain in full force and effect until one hundred twenty (120) days after incorporation. All county ordinances adopted by city Ordinance No. 1 will thereafter be of no force and effect after October 28, 1991. Since county ordinances and primary and secondary codes are being adopted by reference in this chapter after notice and hearing, adoption hereof by a regular ordinance which would not go into effect for thirty (30) days after adoption would thereby necessarily leave a gap of time before the county ordinances and primary and secondary codes could be effective, leaving wholly inadequate health, safety and welfare regulations in force the city. 
(Ord. 15 § 10, 1991)