1.01.060  Ordinances passed prior to adoption of the code.
   The last ordinance included in this code was Ordinance 135 passed December 6, 1994. The following ordinances, passed subsequent to Ordinance 135, but prior to adoption of the code, are adopted and made a part of this code. Ordinances No. 136-95 entitled "An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 46 by Accepting the Penal Code Requirements Relating to the Selection and Training Standards of Public Safety Dispatchers"; Ordinance 137-95 entitled "An Ordinance Amending Title 16 of the Murrieta Municipal Code entitled 'Land Use' by Adding Chapter 16.10, Regarding the Establishment of Standards and Guidelines for Hillside Development"; and Ordinance 138-95, amending Section 2.19.020 of Ordinance 27 of the City of Murrieta Municipal Code related to the establishment of a transportation and traffic commission and the provision of special meetings. 
(Ord. 139-95 § 6, 1995)