Whenever riots, general civil disobedience, or the threat of same occur in the city and it is deemed necessary in order to suppress the riot or act of civil disobedience, the Mayor or Mayor Pro Tem shall have the power to declare hours of curfew for all persons. During the hours of curfew, all persons shall be at their homes and shall not be on the streets, alleys, or other public areas of the city. The curfew shall be declared in a proclamation of the Mayor or Mayor Pro Tem, which proclamation shall be delivered to the Chief of Police, who shall then see that the proclamation is delivered to all news media within the city and who shall also use public address systems throughout the city and immediately notify the public of the proclamation and curfew and warn the public that any violation of the curfew shall be deemed a misdemeanor and violators will be arrested.
(Ord. 484, passed 8-22-68) Penalty, see § 34.99