(A)   For the purpose of this section, “FAMILY” shall mean the spouse, parents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren of the owner of the lot; the brothers and sisters of the owner and their spouses; the parents and grandparents of the spouse of the owner; the spouses of the children of the owner; and no other.
   (B)   No certificate of permissive use or title of any kind to any lot or portions of lot in the Murray Cemetery shall ever be conveyed to other than a natural person and the lot shall never be used or occupied for the interment of the body of any person except the bodies of persons of the family to whom the lots are conveyed, or their bodily heirs without express written approval of the Mayor.
   (C)   Nor shall any person possessing the lot or the heir of persons possessing the lot, nor any other person, firm, or corporation, sell or assign, for a valuable consideration, any lot except as hereinafter provided, nor receive any compensation other than as hereinafter provided. 
(‘30 Code, Ch. IX, Subj. 23; Am. Ord. 224, passed 6-1-51; Am. Ord. 94-1017, passed 3-24-94; Am. Ord. 2020-1798, passed 7-9-20)