(a)   It shall be the responsibility of alarm subscribers or users to instruct any employees or others who may have occasion to activate an alarm, that alarm systems are to be activated only in emergency situations to summon an immediate Police or Fire Department response.  Alarm subscribers and users shall also instruct appropriate employees as to the operation of the alarm system; to include setting, activation and resetting of the alarm.
   (b)   Alarm subscribers and users shall be responsible for seeing that alarm systems are maintained in good working order and that defects that could cause false alarms are promptly repaired.
   (c)   Subscribers or users of security systems who have not contracted with a security alarm dealer for an alarm agent to respond to the scene of alarm activations shall indicate the telephone numbers of at least two responsible persons who are capable of deactivating and resetting the alarm system and of assisting the Police or the Fire Department to secure the premises, if necessary, and who may be notified by the Police Department or the Fire Department to respond to the scene.  Such person or persons shall respond to the scene within one-half hour after being requested to do so by the Police or Fire Department, unless good cause is shown.
   (d)   No person shall install or maintain a security alarm system which does not have some safeguard which allows reasonable delay to halt or recall an accidental alarm activation before the alarm is communicated to the Police or Fire Departments for response to the scene.
(Ord. 1987-04.  Passed 6-15-87.)