(a)   No person shall hunt, kill or attempt to kill any animal or fowl by the use of firearms, bow and arrow, air rifle or any other means within the corporation limits of the City with the following exception:
(1)   Between the Monday immediately following the first Sunday of February to the Sunday immediately following the last Saturday of September, a property owner within designated areas established by City Council may apply to the Division of Wildlife of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for one or more “deer damage permits”.  If issued, the property owner or his designee(s) may use only bow and arrow to harvest deer.
      (2)   During any controlled hunt for Canada Geese in Ariel-Foundation Park authorized and regulated by the Safety-Service Director.
         (Ord. 2016-23.  Passed 12-27-16.)
   (b)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
(Ord. 2013-14.  Passed 6-24-13.)