Ord. No.   Date   Description
196   6-28-10   Land for alley purposes from Eliza R. Cooper.
206   7-11-10   Land for addition to Mound View Cemetery.
221   10-24-10   Land to open Oak St.
231   1-9-11   Land for Mound View Cemetery.
289   8-26-12   Property for Mound View Cemetery.
350   10-20-13   Land for opening and extending E. Water St.
360   11-20-13   Property for a sewerage treatment plant and trunk line sewer.
377   1-19-14   Property for a sewerage treatment plant and trunk line sewers and repealing part of Ord. 360 of 11-20-13.
449   5-3-15   Land for armory purposes.
537   4-3-16   Land next to Knights of Pythias Armory Bldg.
636   6-18-17   Land for Mound View Cemetery.
1919-22   9-8-19   Land for Cemetery Department from E. Bartlett.
1929-33   8-12-29   Lots 390, 391 and part of 407 in Trimble's Addition.
56-3   1-20-56   3 tracts in Homeside Addition for cemetery purposes.
57-3   1-7-57   Purchase of property in Homeside Allotment for cemetery purposes.
1965-37   12-6-65   Authorizes purchase of 5-7 Ridgewood Ave.
1967-4   2-6-67   Property fronting on Newalk Rd. and bounded on the south by Ames St. from Charles Bumpus.
1972-39   9-25-72   Part of Lot 159 of original plat from E.C. Owens.
1977-30   5-16-77   Accepting real property and authorizing lease of same re L.B. Mt. Vernon Inc. Project.
Res.1981-92   12-21-81   Purchase from Kenneth Dennis and Mason Ash of parts of Lots 141 and 142.
1986-03   1-13-86   Purchase of two parcels of land for $30,000.
Res. 983-34   4-18-83   5.46 acres belonging to the Mount Vernon Board of Education for $1.00.
Res.1982-44   6-21-82   Real estate from the estate of Robert W. Fleming for $65,000.
Res.1992-23   5-18-92   Authorizes purchase of real property on which is to be built the Eastside Elevated Water Storage Tank.
1995-32   11-20-95   Authorizes purchase of real estate for $75,000.
Res.1997-102   10-20-97   Authorizes the purchase of 33 acres of real estate.
Res.1997-124   1-12-98   Authorizes the purchase of property for the fire station.
Res.1999-18   3-8-99   Authorizes the acquisition of required right of way property on the Coshocton Ave. Project from R.D. Zande and Associates.
Res.1999-80   10-11-99   Purchase of 22.49 acres known as the Beckholt Property for purposes of a water well field.
Res.2000-08   3-13-00   Purchase of property required for the Coshocton Ave. Improvement Project Phase I and II.
Res.2000-116   8-15-00   Purchase of 80.754 acres located in the Peter Davis Farm Subdivision.
Res.2000-71   8-28-00   Purchase of the Robert Lee Office Building at 3 North Gay St.
Res.2003-36   4-28-03   Authorizes purchase of property required for the South Main St. Improvement Project.
Res.2003-66   7-28-03   Authorizes the application to the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund to purchase 53 acres along Blackjack Road to be utilized as a wetland park.
Res.2006-68   8-14-06   Authorizes the purchase of 24.842 acres and to accept the donation of an additional 1.851 acres from the Grandstaff Family Trust.
Res.2008-56   7-1-08   Authorizes the Safety-Service Director to purchase the property identified as Parcel 66-07567 a portion of which is required for future roadway improvements to South Sandusky Street.
Res.2008-57   7-1-08   Authorizes the Safety-Service Director to purchase property for the Blackjack Road Improvement Project.
Res.2008-58   7-1-08   Authorizes the Safety-Service Director to enter into contract for the purchase of a twenty foot strip of property from the east side of Parcel #66-04632 required for the future improvement of South Sandusky Street.
Res.2010-28   3-22-10   Authorizes the purchase of four parcels of property totaling 3.116 acres as an addition to Foundation Park.
2010-11   5-24-10   Authorizes the purchase the property known as 71 Sychar Road.
Res.2010-63   9-27-10   Authorizes an agreement with the Ohio Department of Transportation for purchase of property and easements required for the Coshocton Avenue Improvement Project.
Res.2011-17   3-14-11   Authorizing the purchase of three parcels of property totaling 2.429 acres to facilitate the construction of the connector road from Coshocton Avenue to Yauger Road.
Res.2011-34   5-23-11   Authorizing the purchase of Parcel 66-03355 known as Lot 259 in Walkers Addition.
2012-03   2-27-12   Authorizing the Safety Service Director to purchase the property known as 100 North Sandusky Street (Parcel #66-03856).
Res.2012-23   4-9-12   Authorizing the purchase of the Dan Emmett Conference Center, located at 160 Howard St. from Knox County Properties, LLC.
Res.2012-43   7-9-12   Authorizing the purchase of .592 acres known as 856 Coshocton Ave.
Res.2012-63   9-24-12   Authorizes the purchase of vacant property at the northeastern corner of the intersection of South Norton St. and Madison Ave.
Res.2012-76   12-10-12   Authorizing the purchase of 820 Coshocton Ave.
Res.2014-32   4-28-14   Authorizing the purchase of 25.123 acres of land on Harcourt Road.
Res.2014-98   11-24-14   Authorizing the purchase of the property known as 102 North Sandusky Street, (Parcel #66-05572.000) for $190,000.
Res.2016-82   11-14-16   Authorizing the Safety-Service Director to purchase properties from Pechiney Plastic Packaging, Inc.
  2019-51   5-28-19   Authorizing the purchase of the property known as 301 West Vine Street, (Parcel #66-00361.000).
  2019-127   12-9-19   Authorizing the Safety Service Director to accept the donation of property from the Mt.  Vernon Development Company known as Parcel #66-06302.000 (.681 acres).
  2019-132   12-23-19   Authorizing agreements to acquire, by either purchase or accept by donation, either in whole or in part, the following nine (9) pieces of property with the following permanent parcel numbers:  66-09491.000, 66-04632.000, 66-05406.000, 66-05405.000, 66-05905.000, 66-05518.000, 66-03410.000, 66-01594.000 and 66-50289.000.