(a)   These Subdivision Regulations were adopted under the authority granted by Ohio R.C. 711.09.  The Planning Commission, which was established in accordance with Ohio R.C. 713.01, has fulfilled the requirements set forth in applicable sections of the Ohio Revised Code as a prerequisite for the adoption of such Regulations.
   (b)   These Regulations provide a procedure and minimum standards of design and construction by which the Planning Commission can equitably appraise all proposed plats for land subdivision, plat preparation, review and approval requirements.
   (c)   These Regulations shall govern all subdivision of land within the corporate limits of the City and within a three-mile limit of the corporate limits as now or hereafter established.  Any owner of land within this area who wishes to subdivide such land or a portion thereof shall submit a plat of the proposed subdivision to the Planning Commission according to the requirements set forth in these Regulations. 
(Ord. 2005-34.  Passed 12-12-05.)