Ord. No.   Date   Description
109   1-25-09   Part of W. Pleasant St. to Austin Ave.
261   11-13-11   Part of E. Water St. to Pennsylvania Ave.; part of E. Front St. to Howard St.
527   3-20-16   Part of Front St. to Ohio Ave.
1918-39   4-22-18   From German St. to Liberty St.
1919-14   6-9-19   From Ridgley St. to Park St.
44-11   10-4-44   Cherry St. from Pine St. to alley north of Spruce St. to be Salem St.
44-11   10-4-44   East St. from Mt. Vernon Ave. to Elmwood Ave. to be Butler St.
44-11   10-4-44   Elm St. from Lawn Ave. to corporation line to be Duke St.
44-11   10-4-44   Elmwood Ave. from Granville Rd. to corporation line to be Kirk Ave.
44-11   10-4-44   Elmwood St. from Newark Rd. to Martinsburg Rd. to be Riley St.
44-11   10-4-44   Gay St. from Mt. Vernon Ave. to Elmwood Ave. to be Clay St.
44-11   10-4-44   Granville Rd. from Viaduct to corporation line to be S. Main St.
44-11   10-4-44   Locust St. from Martinsburg Rd. to Cliff St. to be Pearl St.
44-11   10-4-44   Maple Ave. from Martinsburg Rd. to corporation line to be Birch St.
50-17   5-1-50   First St. to Highland Dr.
50-24   6-5-50   Court St. to Meltzer Court.
51-53   12-28-51   Union St. to Hillcrest Dr.
53-4   1-16-53   Unnamed street between E. High St. and E. Chestnut St. to Ringwalt Dr.
53-30   4-21-53   Unnamed street from First St. to Second St. to be Chestnut Blvd.
1962-39   1-7-63   Butler St. from Mt. Vernon Ave. to Elmwood Ave. to East St.
1964-16   4-6-64   County Rd. 68 to Eastwood Dr.
1974-17   5-20-74   Sanatorium Rd. to Vernon View Dr.
1975-78   12-15-75   Portion of Gambier Ave. located east of Park St. to Gambier St.
1978-42   11-20-78   Durbin St. between Coshocton Ave. and Pleasant St. to Sychar Rd.
1989-16   5-15-89   Tee Pee Drive to Cougar Drive.
1992-52   11-16-92   Street known as State Route 661 named Blackjack Road Extension.
1999-01   1-11-99   Center Run St. from East Pleasant to Denison St. named Center St.
2012-29   1-28-13   Establishing Industrial Park Drive as the official name for the existing roadway presently known as Blackjack Road from State Route 661 South approximately 5680 feet to the existing corporation boundary of the City.
2012-30   1-28-13   Establishing Blackjack Road as the official name for the existing roadway presently known as Blackjack Road Extension from Industrial Park Drive West approximately 3300 feet to the intersection with Granville Road.
2016-14   6-27-16   Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Ariel Corporation in the City by placing additional signs reading “Ariel Way” on all existing street sign locations on Mechanic Street from West Sugar Street to Phillips Drive.