Ord. No.   Date   Description
354   10-27-13   Land on the west side of Third Ave.
395   3-30-14   Part of Burgess St.
1919-26   9-22-19   Part of Hamtramck St., part of West St.
1922-11   2-27-22   Part of Norton St.
1922-26   10-13-22   Part of an alley running north and south between E. High St. and E. Vine St.
1929-24   5-13-29   Parts of West St., Kendall Alley, Barry Alley, Woodbury Alley, W. Burgess St., W. Sugar St.
1940-4   4-1-40   Alley from S. Gay St. west to Blackberry Alley.
47-20   9-8-47   Alley between lots 13 and 14 in D. H. Updergraph's Subdivision.
47-24   12-1-47   Salem St. in D. H. Updergraph's Subdivision.
49-15   3-7-49   Niggles' Alley between Colville Rd. and Kahrl-Lamb Addition.
50-49   1-8-51   Part of Snyder Alley between Oak and Vine Sts.
51-17   5-7-51   Parts of Norton St. and West St.
51-30   8-6-51   Alley between Liberty and Compromise Sts.
51-48   11-13-51   Part of Snyder Alley between Oak and Vine Sts.
53-33   5-4-53   Lincoln St.
53-61   11-23-53   Part of Grape Alley.
53-65   4-5-54   Alley east of Newark Rd.
54-26   7-12-54   Alley on east side of Lot 5 of Vernon View Addition.
54-39   11-8-54   Alley running north from Spruce St.
55-5   4-4-55   Alley running south from Spruce St.
55-13   5-2-55   Alley between Newark Rd. and Martinsburg Rd.
55-25   8-15-55   Alley running east from N. Center St. to White Heirs' Subdivision.
55-39   12-5-55   Walnut Alley.
56-29   8-6-56   Alley running northwest from Cooper St.
57-38   11-4-57   Alley running north from Sunset St.
58-12   6-2-58   Street between Adamson St. and Ames St.
58-29   9-8-58   Part of Morris Ave. between Mulberry St. and Rose Ave.
58-43   1-5-59   Alley between Kirk Ave. and Mt. Vernon Ave.
58-44   1-5-59   Alley from N. Norton St. to Francis St.
59-10   5-4-59   Alley parallel to New St. and Union St., running east from Center Run St.
59-12   5-4-59   Part of Marma Dr.
59-37   9-14-59   Sewer easement in Belmont Subdivision.
59-41   9-14-59   Part of Pheasant St.
1962-2   2-5-62   Alley between Chestnut St. and Hillcrest Dr. from Edgewood to Stevens St.
1962-6   4-2-62   Part of Oak St. in Grandview Addition.
1963-26   10-7-63   Alley running east and west between Lots 42 to 48 on north side and Lots 49 to 55 on south side of Oakland Terrace Addition.
1967-19   11-6-67   Alley running from Fairmont Ave. to an open alley connecting Ames and Melick Sts.
1967-28   11-6-67   Alley extending from Elm to Jackson Sts.
1970-25   9-21-70   15 ft. alley in Elmwood Subdivision from Riley St. to 12 ft. alley running east and west between Newark and Martinsburg Rds.
1971-31   11-15-71   Alley in C.G. Cooper Park addition bounded on west by lots 3 and 7 and on the east by lots 4 and 8.
1972-13   4-17-72   (a)    Conestoga Ave. from the west line of Lot 351 extended east to the west line of Division St.
      (b)    McKenzie St. from the south line of Lot 322 north to the Kokosing River.
      (c)    MacArthur St. from the north line of Kirk St. to the Kokosing River.
      (d)    Alley between Ridgley St. and MacArthur St. from the north line of Kirk St. to the Kokosing River.
      (e)    Ridgley St. from the north line of Kirk St. to the Kokosing River.
      (f)    Alley between Division St. and Ridgley St. from the north line of Kirk St. to the Kokosing River.
      (g)    Kokosing Ave. from the west line of Lot 314 extended east to the west line of Division St.
1972-41   11-20-72   Part of W. Gambier St. lying west of a line that is 775 ft. westerly of the west line of Fountain St.
1973-22   9-17-73   Portion of Cliff St. lying south of Birch St. and portion lying west of South Division St.
1974-8   3-18-74   15 ft. wide alley running north from Riley St. to a 16 foot alley extending west from Martinsburg Rd.
1974-21   6-17-74   Portion of Sugar St.
1974-38   9-16-74   Portion of an alley in Elmwood Place.
1974-58   2-17-75   Unnamed alley in W. C. Sapps proposed addition lying west of Chester St. running north from Franklin St. to Tilden Ave.
1974-59   2-17-75   Three alleys in the Charles Hts. allotment.
1977-31   6-20-77   Walnut Alley in the original plat of Mount Vernon and portion of Woodberry Alley in the addition of Block E.
1978-26   6-19-78   All platted streets in the original plat of Colonial Hills Subdivision.
1978-28   6-19-78   Cass Alley between West St. and North Sandusky St.
1978-29   8-21-78   Alley north of Greenwood Ave. from Jefferson St. to Harrison St.
1978-31   8-21-78   Fearn Ave. in the Clintonville Subdivision.
1978-50   12-18-78   Curtis Ave. between Cliff St. and Division St.
1979-26   7-16-79   Alley between North Center St. and Center Run Creek.
1979-32   8-20-79   Amends 1978-50 as to description of Curtis Ave.
1979-39   11-19-79   Alley between West Chestnut St. and West Sugar St. and Cass Alley.
1980-13   5-19-80   Street in Page Subdivision.
1980-39   12-15-80   North Norton St., West St. and West Sugar St. excepting an easement to the City.
1981-15   4-20-81   Portion of Amanda Alley.
1981-17   4-20-81   Portion of S. Gay St.
1981-23   6-15-81   Amends Ord. 1981-17.
1981-37   10-19-81   Unnamed alley and street between Ridgley St. and Division St. in Elmwood P1.
1984-10   5-21-84   An alley abutting Lot 41 of E. Chestnut St. and Lot 56 on E. high St.
1986-44   10-20-86   Center St.
1987-23   8-17-87   Frary Court.
1987-34   10-5-87   2.70 feet of Gooseberry Alley along the east side of Lot 52.
1990-21   6-18-90   An unnamed alley located in Sunset addition.
1990-33   10-15-90   A portion of Kokosing Ave.
1990-34   10-15-90   A portion of Conestoga Ave.
1991-08   3-18-91   A portion of the South Main St. right of way in Vernonview Addition.
1991-41   11-18-91   An unnamed alley in Potwin's Executors Addition.
1991-42   11-18-91   Buckeye alley in O.F. Murphy's Addition.
1991-43   11-18-91   An unnamed alley within the H.B. Curtis Addition.
1992-10   6-15-92   A portion of Garden Alley in the James Roger's Northern Addition.
1992-14   4-20-92   A portion of Lincoln St., south of the south line of Maplewood Ave.
1992-16   4-20-92   Quidor Alley within the P.B. Marsh's Addition, in its entirety.
1992-17   4-20-92   South Alley from the east line of East St., to the West Line of McKenzie St.
1992-56   1-19-93   A portion of Craig Drive.
1993-02   2-16-93   Short Alley.
1993-10   5-17-93   A portion of the Lane Street right of way in the Moundview Subdivision.
1993-14   8-16-93   A portion of South Main Street in the original plat of the City.
1993-21   12-20-93   A 10.89 foot alley which runs easterly from South Park Street.
1993-24   12-20-93   A portion of Follin Ave., located south of Taylor Road.
1994-12   6-20-94   A portion of Cucumber Alley.
1994-28   9-19-94   A portion of Lane Street in the Moundview Subdivision.
1994-36   10-17-94   Smith Street running north and south between Washington St., and Madison St.
1995-25   11-20-95   An unnamed alley in Delmont Addition.
1995-37   12-18-95   A portion of Spice Alley.
1996-11   7-15-96   An unnamed alley in Sunset Subdivision and that portion of the unused Cottage St. right of way south of Sunset St.
1996-25   12-16-96   A portion of Walnut Alley in the Burgess Addition between W. Burgess St. and W. Hamtramck St.
1998-04   2-9-98   A portion of Walnut Alley running between West Curtis St. and Scott St.
1998-06   3-9-98   An unnamed alley in Vernondale Subdivision.
2000-24   7-24-00   Valley View Drive between Coshocton Road and Eastmoor Drive.
2001-16   5-14-01   Amends Ord. 1958-44 to correct Lot No., to read 363 not 362.
2001-34   7-23-01   Twelve feet of an unnamed alley from the west line of Fountain St., westward, to the west side of the subdivision and Fountain St., from the south line of this alley, south 55 feet.
2001-39   8-27-01   Washington St. west of Marion St.
2001-52   11-26-01   A sixteen foot alley between Lots 36, 37 and 12, 13 Charles Heights Subdivision.
2002-36   1-27-03   A portion of Morris Ave. in the Belmont Subdivision between the west line of Rose Ave. and the east line of Miller Ave.
2005-28   11-28-05   A portion of the right of way to Craig Drive.
2005-33   12-27-05   A portion of the unused Stevens Street right of way south of the south right of way line of East Chestnut St.
2006-17   3-27-06   The remainder of Lane St. in the Moundview Subdivision just off Mansfield Ave.
2006-27   5-22-06   A portion of an unnamed alley in Elmwood Place between Cliff St. and Kirk St.
2006-33   7-24-06   An unnamed alley in the H.B. Curtis Addition between Mary Alley and Peacock Alley.
2007-15   5-14-07   An unnamed alley running between Brown St. and Bunn Alley.
2007-42   12-26-07   A portion of South Alley located west of West St. in the Walkers Addition.
2010-15   11-8-10   An unnamed alley located between Green Alley and South Park Street along the north line of the Factory Addition.
2011-29   1-23-12   That portion of Ridgewood Avenue located west of the West Line of Fountain Street in the Riverside Addition to the City.
2012-02   1-23-12   A 16' wide public alley in the Whiteheirs Subdivision, said alley to be located north of New Street, east of Lot #7 and west of Lots 8, 10 and 11 of the Whiteheirs Subdivision.
2013-21   9-23-13   A portion of the alley between Lot 11, 609 East Vine Street, Parcel Number 66-05842.000 of the G.W. Potwin Addition, and Lot 6, 613 East Vine Street, Parcel Number 66-03657.000 of the Rebecca Watson Addition.
2013-26   11-25-13   A portion of Blackberry Alley in the original plat of the City.
2014-10   7-28-14   The portion of White’s Heirs Street from the south line of the Coshocton Avenue right-of-way, then south to the north line of New Street right-of-way, in the White’s Heirs Addition.
2016-07   3-28-16   Accepts the vacation of a 16.5 foot wide alley named Church Alley located between North McKenzie Street and North McArthur Street.
2018-19   9-10-18   Accepts the vacation of a 16 foot wide unnamed alley located in Elmwood Place Subdivision off of Cliff Street.
2018-27   11-26-18   Accepts the vacation of a portion of Ridgely Street and two (2) partial alleys in the Elmwood Place Subdivision.
2021-13      4-12-21   Accepts the vacation of an undeveloped portion of Kirk Street.
2023-21      6-26-23   Accepts the vacation of a portion of Lewis Street and South Alley.