726.05  PROCEDURE.
   (a)   The Fire Chief, or his designated representative, shall keep a record of the City's cost for investigating, mitigating, minimizing, removing or abating the unauthorized spill, release or discharge, including any incidental costs.  A schedule of charges used to determine such costs shall be kept on file in the Fire Department and made available for inspection by the public during normal working hours.  The schedule shall be revised, as necessary, to reflect increases and decreases in the value of the items listed.
   (b)   Not less than thirty days before bringing civil action for the recovery of costs pursuant to this section and Ohio R.C. 3745.13, the Law Director shall submit to the responsible party a written itemized claim for the total certified costs incurred by the City and a written notice that, unless the amount is paid to the City within thirty days after the date of mailing of the claim and notice, the Law Director shall bring a civil action for that account.
(Ord.  1991-57.  Passed 12-16-91.)