§ 156.125  FEES AND COSTS.
   (A)   Franchise fees. Pursuant to S.C. Code § 58-9-2230, each individual applicant will be subject to an annual franchise or consent fee.
   (B)   Application processing costs. Unless otherwise provided by law, including without limitation S.C. Code § 58-9-2230, all applications for permits pursuant to this subchapter shall be accompanied by an application processing cost of $100. Application costs for small wireless facilities addressed in a consolidated application shall be $100 each for the first five small wireless facilities and $50 for each additional small wireless facility up to a maximum of 20 small wireless facilities.
   (C)   Compensation. In addition to the applicable fee as specified above, every permit shall include as a condition the applicant’s agreement to pay such lawful franchise fees, business license taxes, administrative fees and consent fees as are permitted under applicable South Carolina and federal law in addition to all applicable ad valorem taxes, service fees, sales taxes, or other taxes and fees as may now or hereafter be lawfully imposed on other businesses within the town.
   (D)   Cease payment. A wireless services provider is authorized to remove its facilities at any time from a town-owned pole in covered areas and cease paying the annual rate to the town as of the next due date for payment following the removal, provided; however, the provider pay its pro-rata share of the remaining term and expenses, if any.
   (E)   Make-ready. For town-owned utility poles in covered areas, the applicant shall reimburse the town for expenses for any reasonable make-ready work, if any are required. The town shall provide a good faith estimate for any make-ready work necessary to enable the pole to support the requested SWF, including pole replacement if necessary, within 30 days after receipt of a completed request. Make-ready work including any pole replacement shall be completed within 60 days of written acceptance of the good faith estimate by the wireless services provider.
   (F)   Tax liabilities and assessments not applicable. Placement of SWF in the right-of-way or attachment of any portion of a SWF to a wireless support structure and any fees associated therewith shall not subject the town to any state or local tax liabilities or assessments.
(Ord. 19001, passed 2-12-19)