(A)   The towing contractor will have his/her employee, representative, or agent inventory jointly, with a police officer or owner or possessor of the vehicle, all personal property in the vehicle which they are directed to tow. Such inventory shall be made in triplicate and shall be maintained by the towing contractor as a permanent record; one copy will be given to the owner or operator of the vehicle being towed, if known, or securely attached to the vehicle; one copy will be retained by the Town Police Department. The towing contractor shall be solely liable and responsible to the owner or person of legal entity entitled to lawful possession for all personal property in any vehicle towed under this chapter.
   (B)   The towing contractor shall be responsible for the safe keeping of, and shall be accountable to, the owner of the vehicle for all personal property, vehicle accessories, and vehicles stored within the storage facilities of the contractor. The towing contractors shall make sure that they have adequate insurance coverage for any loss of property from their storage compounds.
   (C)   Personal property contained in vehicles which is removed and stored by the contractor shall not be disposed of by the contractor to defray any charges for towing or the storage of vehicles and such property must be returned to the owner or to the person legally entitled to lawful possession of the vehicle upon request and without regard to any fees owned by such person or legal entity.
('81 Code, § 74.08 jj., kk., ll.) (Ord. 93039, passed 8-10-93; Am. Ord. 18069, passed 10-9-18)  Penalty, see § 10.99