(A)   Boundaries of the district. The boundaries of the district are generally described as including those residential properties within the area bounded on the southwest by the northeast side of Whilden Street/Royall Avenue, on the north by the UC-CBS, Coleman-Ben Sawyer Boulevard Urban Corridor Overlay District, and on the southeast by marsh areas along the Intracoastal Waterway, such boundaries being graphically depicted on the official zoning map.
   (B)   Purpose and findings.
      (1)   Purpose. The purpose of the overlay district is to provide protection for persons and property within this district against flooding and improve drainage.
      (2)   Findings. In furtherance of the stated purpose, the Town Council finds and declares the following:
         (a)   The identified ISLC-OD boundary area is primarily developed and is located in an older and traditional part of town that is naturally prone to flooding.
         (b)   Creating an overlay district will serve to reduce flooding and improve drainage in this described area.
   (C)   Specific requirements within the Overlay District.
      (1)   Properties subject to requirements. The requirements of the ISLC-OD shall apply to all properties within the district zoned R-l, R-2, R-3, R-4 and planned development that have been developed with single-family detached dwellings. The requirements shall also apply to any new lots that are developed with single family dwellings.
      (2)   Lot coverage. No more than 40% of all subject properties may be covered by impervious surfaces as defined in § 156.007.
      (3)   Permitted uses. This is an overlay district. As such, permitted uses are determined by the underlying or primary zoning classification in effect.
(Ord. 17053, passed 11-14-17)