§ 156.223  EXEMPTIONS.
   (A)   Commercial timber operations.
      (1)   Commercial timber operations shall be exempt from the provisions of this chapter, where management records of timber, in form and content satisfactory to the Town Zoning Administrator, can be provided. This shall not apply to clearing of unmanaged natural woods.
      (2)   The town encourages, and may enforce for the benefit of the public health, safety, or welfare, the retention of a 50-foot buffer of existing trees adjacent to all public right-of-ways on commercial timber operation property.
   (B)   Wetlands mitigation. The mitigation of wetlands pursuant to a permit or approved plan from, and the requirements of, the South Carolina Department of Environmental Control Office of Coastal Resource Management or the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers shall be exempt from the provisions of this chapter.
   (C)   Commercial tree operation exemption. Trees grown specifically for sale by commercial nurseries are exempt from the provisions of this chapter.
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