§ 156.431  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ALTERATION.  A change in the external architectural features of any structure in the historic district.
   CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS (COA).  Document certifying approval that the proposed actions by an applicant are found to be acceptable in terms of design criteria relating to the individual property.
   DEMOLITION BY NEGLECT.  Abandonment or lack of maintenance that allows a structure in the historic district to fall into a serious state disrepair so as to result in the deterioration of any exterior architectural feature that would, in the judgment of the Commission, produce a detrimental effect upon the character of the historic district as a whole, or the life and character of the property itself. Examples of such deterioration include, but are not limited to:
      (1)   Deterioration of exterior walls or other vertical supports;
      (2)   Deterioration of roofs or other horizontal members;
      (3)   Deterioration of exterior chimneys;
      (4)   Deterioration of exterior materials;
      (5)   Ineffective waterproofing of exterior walls, roof, or foundations, including broken windows or doors; or
      (6)   Deterioration of any feature so as to create a hazardous condition that could lead to the claim that demolition is necessary for the public safety.
   HISTORIC PROPERTY. A building, structure, or site that has been designated by Town Council, as a contributing property within the historic district or is located elsewhere within the town as a singular property worthy of such a designation outside a historic district.
   REHABILITATION.  The process of returning a property to a state of utility, through repair or alteration, that makes possible an efficient contemporary use, while preserving those portions and features of the property significant to its historic, architectural, and cultural values.
   SUBSTANTIAL ECONOMIC HARDSHIP.  Hardship of a financial or economic nature, which makes it impossible or unnecessarily difficult to maintain the property in accordance with the design guidelines.
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