(A)   The Planning Commission shall have all the powers, duties, and responsibilities as set forth herein and in S.C. Code §§ 6-29-310 through 6-29-1200.
   (B)   It is the function and duty of the Planning Commission to undertake a continuing planning program for the physical, social, and economic growth, development, and redevelopment of the area within its jurisdiction.
      (1)   The plans and programs must be designed to promote public health, safety, morals, convenience, prosperity, or the general welfare, as well as the efficiency and economy of its area of jurisdiction.
      (2)   Specific planning elements must be based upon careful and comprehensive surveys and studies of existing conditions and probable future development, and include recommended means of implementation.
      (3)   The Planning Commission may make, publish, and distribute maps, plans and reports and recommendations relating to the plans and programs and the development of this area of jurisdiction to public officials and agencies, public utility companies, civic, educational, professional, and other organizations and citizens.
      (4)   All public officials shall, upon request, furnish to the Planning Commission, within a reasonable time, such available information as it may require for its work.
      (5)   The Planning Commission, its members and employees, in the performance of its functions, may enter upon any land with consent of the property owner or, after ten days' written notification to the owner of record, make examinations and surveys, and place and maintain necessary monuments and marks on them, provided, however, that the Planning Commission shall be liable for any injury or damage to property resulting therefrom.
      (6)   In general, the Planning Commission has the powers as may be necessary to enable it to perform its functions and promote the planning of its political jurisdiction.
   (C)   In the discharge of its responsibilities, the Planning Commission has the power and duty to:
      (1)   Prepare and revise periodically plans and programs for the development and redevelopment of its area, as provided herein; and
      (2)   Prepare and recommend for adoption to the appropriate governing authority or authorities as a means for implementing the plans and programs in its area:
         (a)   Zoning ordinances to include zoning district maps and appropriate revisions thereof, as provided herein;
         (b)   Regulations for the subdivision or development of land, and appropriate revisions thereof, and to oversee the administration of the regulations that may be adopted, as provided herein;
         (c)   An official map and appropriate revision on it showing the exact location of existing or proposed public street, highway, and utility rights-of-way, and public building sites, together with regulations to control the erection of buildings or other structures or changes in land use within the rights-of- way, building sites, or open spaces within its political jurisdiction or a specified portion of it, as set forth herein;
         (d)   A landscaping ordinance setting forth required planting, tree preservation, and other aesthetic considerations for land and structures;
         (e)   A capital improvements program setting forth projects required to implement plans that have been prepared and adopted, including an annual listing of priority projects for consideration by the governmental bodies responsible for implementation prior to preparation of their capital budget; and
         (f)   Policies or procedures to facilitate implementation of planning element.
      (3)   Name or rename streets within the town.
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