(A)   Purpose.  The purpose of the district is to allow for the continued construction, addition to, and renovation of homes located in the older, built out neighborhoods between Coleman Boulevard and the Historic District, by creating a special overlay zoning classification with flexible yard requirements. This will lead to an enhanced streetscape and a pedestrian- friendly environment.
   (B)   Findings. In furtherance of the stated purpose, Town Council finds and declares the following.
      (1)   This district is located in the older part of the town developed before the current ordinances were enacted. Subsequently, a large number of the lots and structures are nonconforming.
      (2)   The homes located in this area are considerably smaller than new homes being built on R-2 zoned lots elsewhere in the town.
      (3)   Creating a special overlay district will enable homeowners to add porches as well as increased living space to homes that are currently at or over the 25-foot front yard setback required in R-2 Districts.
   (C)   Definition of boundaries.  The boundaries of this district include only R-2 zoned, residential use lots within the area bounded on the southwest by the northeast side of Whilden Street/Royall Avenue, on the north by the UC-CBS, Coleman-Ben Sawyer Boulevard Urban Corridor Overlay District, and on the southeast by Center Street, such boundaries being graphically depicted on the official zoning map.
   (D)   Permitted uses.  As an overlay district, permitted uses shall be those of the underlying zoning district classification.
   (E)   Lot, yard, height, and coverage requirements.  Development standards for SR2-OD shall be in accordance with the Residential Development Guidelines Table in § 156.303.
      (1)   Minimum yard requirements.
         Front yard   15 feet
   (F)   Additional requirements. Nonconforming lots in this overlay district will not receive the additional 20% reduction on front yard setbacks as provided in § 156.131(A)(3).
(Ord. 07061, passed 9-11-07; Am. Ord. 14047, passed 8-12-14; Am. Ord. 16044, passed 7-13-16)