§ 156.230  PUBLIC TREES.
   Public trees within the town are considered to be a valuable public resource. In order to appropriately care for and maintain these public resources, the town shall create inventories and develop work plans as described in this section.
   (A)   Maintain a current inventory of all public trees. The inventory data gathered and recorded for each tree shall include, at a minimum, the following information:
      (1)   Location (address or latitude/longitude coordinates);
      (2)   Tree species;
      (3)   DBH;
      (4)   Condition; and
      (5)   Maintenance needs.
   (B)   Develop an annual work plan for the management of public trees utilizing the tree inventory information. The work plan shall contain the following plans and schedules:
      (1)   Tree planting;
      (2)   New tree maintenance, including mulching, irrigation, and young tree training pruning;
      (3)   Tree pruning;
      (4)   Tree mulching; and
      (5)   Tree removal.
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